No more content chaos

Tired of looking for content in various repositories and systems? And either never finding exactly the right document, or spending too much time finding it.

With the Paperless-Files intelligent information management solution, this is no longer a problem.

The Paperless-Files solution is built on three pillars: it's metadata based, repository neutral, and intelligent. That means that you can find data based on what it is, not where it's stored. See information in context automatically, regardless of its system of origin. There is no need to worry about data migration - keep everything exactly where it is and access it instantly.

Our experienced team are here to help with:

Understanding your own unique office environment and the processes you currently have in place.

Completing a document audit to understand the most paper dependant and most inefficient areas of your business.

Making recommendations for the best path to a paperless / paper light office. Often this maybe a combination of archive scanning, ongoing scanning and integration of document management software.

Supporting the transition phase.

Providing project planning and project management services.

Working with your own team to integrate technologies into your own back office systems and current software set-up.

Ongoing storage, scanning and support services